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Business/entrepreneurs Directory

Excel Family & Youth Society Wants Your Business to succeed!

ADVERTISE in the Excel Family & Youth Society Business & Community Directory. 

Being featured in our directory will support your business's growth by connecting you with EFYS's network of over 15,000 followers across various social channels.

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How can you benefit from Advertising with us?

  • You gain access to an affordable way to promote your products and services to a loyal customer base.

  • You will market to consumers who are looking for businesses they can rely on and trust.

  • You will be building a community within our Family.

  • You can network with other Black Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • You will be investing directly in the Black Canadian  entrepreneur ecosystem.

Socially Driven Business Directory Features:

  • Hassle-free registration… takes only 5 minutes.

  • Easy-to-create advertisements: Have a professional create your advertisement or you can build it right on the Ad Builder website.

  • Costs are 20% to 400% below other sources, with NO added costs for online directory listing.

  • Featured businesses are prominently displayed online and on Facebook.

  • Social sharing of the directory and posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms increase exposure.

  • The digital directory is easily distributed to your email lists

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Business Listing Application
Business Listing Application
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