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Our Mission


Excel Family & Youth Society has a great message to share with you! Most times people ask, "Why do we need Excel Family & Youth Society?" The video below shows a few of our volunteers and the Board of Directors discussing their experiences and stories.

According to Statistics Canada, the number of Ethiopian and Eritrean immigrants is growing by over 100% annually in Alberta and Canada. However, resources and an effective means of integrating these families into their new lives and country is lacking.

Excel Family & Youth Society (EFYS) was established to fill the gap between NGO’s and our growing, diverse communities. We bring together professionals, community associations, and faith-based organizations, in one medium, to work together towards building stronger, safer, and more productive communities.

EFYS endeavors to support all government and non-governmental agencies to effectively deliver their services to those in need, allowing for more sustainable Canadian, political, economic, and social systems.

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