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Membership Fees

IMPORTANT: All donations/payments are processed using Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, please select "Pay by credit or visa debit"

IF you prefer to use e-transfer you can transfer funds to: or if you prefer direct deposit to our Bank of Montreal account you can use our Bank account number  001-06769-8979 495

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To be approved, fees must be paid with your form submission as follows:


* Individual memberships ($35 per year) or 

* Business Registration ($100)

Please select the appropriate option below, after which you will receive a tax receipt.


Quick Donation

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$35.00 per Year

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Donation (Business Advertisement)

$100.00 now

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One-Time Donation

$200.00 now

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One-Time Donation

$200.00 now

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Membership Sign Up

Are you
I hereby give the Excel Family and Youth Society the right and permission to use and or publish photographs and videos of me in promotional materials on Excel Family and Youth Society’s website and Facebook.
I would like also to be a member of Ethiopian and Eritrean Community Council to benefit from Excel Financial Empowerment partnership program. The Ethiopian and Eritrean community council is a leadership team established under Excel Family and Youth Society to create financial stability and growth to members through partnering with Canadian financial institutions and community groups.

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