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Excel Family and Youth society (EFYS) is a 100% Black-led organization with its head office in Calgary, Alberta.

Our mandate, activities, and outcomes are focused on supporting members of Black communities in Canada.
EFYS's mission is to empower, educate, and integrate self-identifying Black Canadians, so that they may live happy, healthy, and productive lives in Canada.

Currently, we are working together to educate and inspire all ethnic immigrant groups from Ethiopia and Eritrea to make healthy and positive choices for their lives in Canada. Our society is a bridge between Canadian and ethnic cultural systems. Our goal is to build a stronger community, which can play a positive role in Canadian society and help newcomers to become well-integrated, productive, successful, and proud citizens.
EFYS helps Black Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses, primarily through the delivery of seminars, one-to-one coaching, mentorship, and integration.

In addition to our headquarters in Calgary, EFYS maintains branches in Edmonton and Winnipeg with volunteers throughout Canada, serving the needs of Black families.

We currently have 550 active members, over seventy-five volunteers, assisting approximately 15,000 Black community members. As a grassroots organization, we collaborate with over twenty-five faith and community-based organizations throughout Canada allowing us to engage directly with a wide spectrum of Black Canadians.

Please join to support our efforts.
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Excel Family and Youth Society is Celebrating 10th Year anniversary.
Excel Family and Youth Society ኤክሴል የቤተሰብና የወጣቶች እገልግሎት ድርጅት

Excel Family and Youth Society is Celebrating 10th Year anniversary.


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